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We don't sell Russian Bride or Guide books, Romance Tours or any other affiliated services.We don't accept or permit Marriage Agency, Dating and other commercial advertisements to appear. We would recommend that you should exercise caution when using boards that have commercial relationships with 3rd parties as often negative content is moderated to ensure income streams are not compromised.Give advice, read trip reports, share experiences, make friends, find translators & interpreters, discuss Visa and other relationship problems, check the reputation of marriage or dating agencies/sites and also have fun!At a good Russian Women Discussion Forum you will find information about how to create a successful long-term international relationship.

I also know that kind of girls is a minority (fortunatly!Ask and Answer Questions about Travel, Culture, Relationships, Applying for Visas, Translators, Interpreters, and More.Give Advice, Read Trip Reports, Share Experiences and Make Friends.Soon there will be a genuine, 100% free alternative with great features that people actually want and need desperately! Nothing seems to dissuade American men from traveling to Ukraine in search of love.Currently everything on offer looks pre 1990's with features to match. Ukraine, that little country whose borders are currently under siege by masses of Russian troops to the East, has been in the news a lot lately.Also you will get advice on how to avoid scammers, when looking to find a sincere, beautiful, slim Russian/Ukrainian woman, courting, getting married, immigration procedures and the adjustments she has to make to integrate into your country's life style and society, after your marriage.


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