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Dowd called Clinton "scarred and defensive" and asserted that she lives in an "ice palace." The In 51 different columns - 26 percent of those reviewed for the study -- Dowd has pushed the theme that effectively everything Hillary Clinton has done is part of a Machiavellian plot to attain more power.

In a 1996 column discussing a Congressional Republican inquiry into the White House Travel Office as Clinton was promoting her book , Dowd mused that the two events were conspiring to portray Clinton as "Earth Mother meet Mommie Dearest." She again called Clinton "Mommie Dearest" in a 2008 column while accusing her of trying "to give the kiddies nightmares" during the presidential campaign.

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Maureen Dowd is a famous American journalist, who was born on January 14, 1952.

For example, she has often referred to Bush as "W." and former Vice President Dick Cheney as "Big Time." In a Times video debate, she said of the North Korean government, "..could look at a movie like Mean Girls and figure out the way these North Koreans are reacting; you know it's like high school girls with nuclear weapons—they just want some attention from us, you know?

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analyzed 195 columns by Dowd since November 1993 containing significant mentions of Clinton for whether they included any of 16 negative tropes in five categories (listed in the below methodology).

72 percent (141 columns) were negative towards Clinton -- only 8 percent (15 columns) were positive.


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