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Not to be too basic, but I feel like a startup has three major life stages (some of which can and should overlap):m Turk isn’t good for item #2, but it can be very wonderful for #1, and help with #3.You would be amazed at who you can find on m Turk seemingly working for peanuts.Using Turk it is possible to bump a hit by using the "Restart" feature.It closes the first HIT and opens a new HIT excluding all workers who completed the first HIT.If you want to be that person, then create an account on Amazon or Shorttask and start looking for jobs.Every city has citizens who need help with keeping their houses clean and functioning.

Machines cannot always do this, so they must hire someone.We have a web-based game for two players, which we offer via Amazon Mechanical Turk.For each game we need two players that will enter simultaneously, or at most 1 minute apart.The module at its current form is a minimum viable product.It is designed to be a framework similar to the Drupal Commerce module, and requires helper modules to provide out-of-the box functionality. Amazon Mechanical Turk is a popular platform for paid, micro-task crowd-sourcing (for a list of different genres of crowd-sourcing, see here), which is often referred to as "human computation".Is it possible, instead of deleting a HIT, and opening a new HIT to somehow "bump" / "poke" the old HIT to make it appear new?


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