My friends are dating

In short, Yes, she has the right to meet with your ex boyfriend. Maybe you better some time not to communicate until you can’t stand the thought.My best friend is dating my parent It can be very hard to handle your parents getting a divorce.It is likely that you are right, and this guy will fold.But she will not hear you, yet she won’t be convinced.When she got to meet him, you took it like she considered your feelings and underestimating your pain. But the truth is, she hasn’t been taking anyone’s side. Her right to meet with a free man, which she likes. It is very good that you openly spoke about it and you shared with her my feelings.But she’s an adult and has the right to decide for herself.To some extent (of course, if it is not socially dangerous behavior) people change and behave differently with different partners.A person is able to speak through his teeth with a girlfriend and forget about her birthday, and the second to spoil the surprises and showered with compliments. Partly because he did not save a previous relationship, made conclusions from this and decided to change their behavior.

If you have a problem with your best friend dating your parent, you have to ask yourself why are you having an issue with the situation.

So what do you do when you find out your friend, someone you also trusted, starts dating them?

Husband (49M) went to jail and was beaten/assaulted on a daily basis by other inmates.

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This guy has hurt you, and you want your friend was on your side.


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