Who is sierra mccormick dating

The party was held to celebrate the launch of the new app, Disney Mix, which is a social messaging/chat app where you can chat, share, and play with friends for free.40 pictures inside of Landry Bender, Sophie Reynolds, and more at the party…She acted in the show, Monk playing the role of Anne Marie in 2009.She played the small role in the television series The Dog Who Saved Christmas playing the role of Kara Bannister in the year 2009.

She got her rise in fame after she began playing the lead role of Olive Doyle in the TV series A. She was raised in Asheville, North Carolina for few years and then she moved to Los Angeles, California. Edit It’s not been that long Sierra induced her desire and interest in acting.

She is Sierra Mc Cormick, an American actress who was born on October 28th in North Carolina and now resides in Los Angeles. With an average height, this short and sexy actress has various cute pictures in her bikini wear. She is so young to have that much of value for herself.

Sierra lives with her parents and loves a dog she has who she calls by the name of Annie. But the talent she was born with and the interest that she had in exploring her inner skills have led her to achieve the success that she has gained.

After she joined The Corsa Agency in 2006, she became attracted in acting and she finally made her acting debut the following year by starring the role of a kid in the TV series ' Til Death.

Edit She made her acting debut in 2007 and at that time she was just nine.


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